In 1950, Miss Canada IV shattered the 200 mph water speed barrier.
The movie and history of the Canadian couple behind the story. 

The Movie DVD

"Harold and Lorna is the finest production I have ever seen on boat racing... No one, unless you have been a racer, 
will truly understand how hard it is to beat the great American dynasties. The Wilson family did it first. Bravo!"

Ted Abel, 
Past President, Canadian Boating Federation; 
Past Canadian National Champion

The Story...The almost-forgotten exploits of Harold and Lorna Wilson, who raced their Miss Canada boats into international fame, made Canadians proud and racing fans everywhere stand up and cheer.  More...

Foreword...The Harold & Lorna movie project from the perspectives of the Director, the Executive Producer and the son of the original race team.  More...


See her fly again!

Gravenhurst. July 5, 2014 

The People


Bulletin Board

It's Almost Time for the Party!

A June 2013 Photo Essay 

Miss Canada IV Walkabout

Long Lost Photograph

Finally, A Bright Light Shines on a Big Black Hole!  
Long Lost Photograph and the Miss Canada IV 
Dashboard Dilemma
By Jamie Smith, November 17th, 2012

(This story is on the Restoration Updates page.)

Woody Boater
Tuesday, January 8, 1013

A Sneak Peek At Miss Canada IV 

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"She's a tight fit.  I think we need more boat."


The Boats




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